Lunches & Hot Meals

Healthy Lunch Guide

We want to see lots of

Permitted Drinks


Foods to be avoided


Salads Water Nuts – we have pupils with nut allergies
Vegetables Milk Crisps
Lean Meats Yogurts with corners (fruit or chocolate)
Fish Chocolate
Fruit Fruit winders
Rice Chewing gum
Pasta Sweets
Hummus Pastries/Cakes/Buns
Soup Bars
Cheese Chocolate covered raisins
Raisins and dried fruit Fast food e.g. chicken rolls, wedges
Rice cakes (plain) Juice drinks
Crackers Fizzy drinks
Wraps Ribena/Mi Wadi
Bagels Tea/Coffee
Pitta bread Energy Drinks
Wholegrain bread

Hot Meals Scheme

We are delighted to be on the list of over 1,400 schools nationally who are included on the Hot Meals Programme.

The programme will commence in summer 2024, and will be operated by the Lunch Bag

As part of the scheme, each pupil will have the opportunity to receive a free hot meal every day at school.