Located in the Heart of Galway City

Our location in the heart of Galway city means we have access to many different amenities within walking distance. Some of these include:
Libraries, NUIG, Historical Landmarks, Theatres, Museums, Galleries, Exhibitions, Pitches & Sports Facilities and Nature Walks in many different environments.

Our city centre base allows us to host many interesting visitors such as Galway Fire Brigade, Authors, Scientists, Entrepreneurs, Athletes, Gardaí, Poets, Artists, NUIG Language Students, Engineers, Puppeteers, Wild Life Experts and many other visitors who are experts in their field.

It also enables the children to take a more active part in the Galway City Community by being involved in charitable events, fund raising, seeking advertising for Pat’s Chat and selling their products for the Junior Entrepreneur Programme.


St Patrick’s Boys Primary School,

Lombard Street,

Galway City

H91 K3C7