School Hours

Pupils are dropped off and collected from the school gates. In the morning, they join their class line in the school yard.

If you need to visiting without making an arranged meeting, please visit the secretary’s office first.

School bell 8:20

School starts 8:30

Small break 10:15 – 10:30

Big lunch 12:15 – 12:40

School ends 2:10

After school clubs 2:10 – 3:10

After school finishes at 6:00



Navy v-neck jumper (boys) or cardigan (girls) with school crest. grey pants (boys), grey pinafore (girls), light blue shirt and red tie. Formal uniform available at Anthony Ryans and other outlets.


Navy round neck jumper with school crest, navy tracksuit bottoms and light blue polo shirt. Tracksuits available in department stores such as Dunnes.

Irish Education System Structure

The below information is a guideline only. Please consult the school directly for more information.

Preschool/Naíonra – approx 3-5 years old. Equivalent to kindergarten.

Junior Infants – 5/6 years old.

Senior Infants – 6/7 years old.

1st class – 7/8 years old.

2nd class – 8/9 years old.

3rd class – 9/10 years old.

4th class – 10/11 years old.

5th class – 11/12 years old.

6th class – 12/13 years old.

Lunches/Hot Meals Scheme

We are delighted to be on the list of over 1,400 schools nationally who are included on the Hot Meals Programme.

The programme will commence in summer 2024, and will be operated by the Lunch Bag

As part of the scheme, each pupil will have the opportunity to receive a free hot meal every day at school.

Free Books Scheme

As of September 2023, all children in our school receive free books & copies as part of the Free Schoolbook Scheme that has been introduced by the government.

Parents are requested to provide stationery for their child. A stationery list for all classes is sent out to parents in June of the previous school year.

Junior & Senior Infants: All schoolbooks may be written into.

1st & 2nd class: The majority of books are written into, aside from Starlight Readers.

3rd-6th class: No books are written into, aside from Master your Maths.

It is the responsibility of children and parents to ensure that books are returned at the end of the year in the same condition that they were received, so that they can be reused by another child.

Park and Stride

Park’n’Stride allows parents (with a Park’n’Stride sticker) to park in nearby designated car parks free of charge (where charges normally apply) while they accompany their children to and from school (8:30 – 9:30 and 1:00 – 4:00 with a 1 hour maximun stay). 

Complete and return the registration form which you can get from the school office (091 568707) or from Galway City Council;

Galway Transportation Unit,
Galway City Council,
City Hall,
College Road,
Tel: (091) 894328