St. Pat’s and ‘The Bish’ (St. Joseph’s College) are Patrician schools which have existed in one form or another since the first Patrician Brothers came to Galway in 1827. Out of their meagre resources they fed, clothed and educated thousands of Galway boys through the Famine and poverty of the 19th and 20th centuries.

We are proud to carry on that tradition into the 21st century through regular charitable work and fundraising events in keeping with our Patrician Brother Ethos of supporting those in need.

Since 1954, we have catered for boys from 2nd to 6th class. 2018 however marked a momentous occasion in the history of St. Pat’s. For the first time we enrolled girls and infants as well as our boys. Girls and boys were enrolled into Junior Infants, Senior Infants, First class and Second class. In that same year, a new Early Intervention class was opened in St. Pat’s too, followed by a Junior ASD class in 2019.

As of 2022, we now have a fully co-educational school across all classes in the school.

St. Pat’s provides a safe, nurturing environment, that fosters independence, enhances creativity, opens opportunities for enrichment of cross-curricular and thematic learning, enabling our children to reach their full potential and exceed expectations.

St. Pat’s excels in all areas: academic, sport, music, art and drama.

We are proud and grateful that many Galway families have continued the tradition of sending their boys to St. Pat’s, Galway’s school of excellence. Many generations of St. Pat’s boys have continued on to complete their third level education and have embarked on very successful pathways in life.

We will now provide the same opportunities to the girls of Galway. This will undoubtedly enhance the wealth of Galway’s future scholars.