There is a strong tradition of debating in St. Pat’s. We have won numerous county and regional championships.
Each year we pick a final Debating Team of three members as well as three subs from our sixth classes.

The best thing is that everyone gets a chance to take part. The teachers put children into teams of three, assign a debating motion to them and then the children compete against a team from the other sixth class.

After a lot of practice and expert advice from the teachers, the children perform their debate in front of the whole school. The pupils feel a great sense of pride and achievement after performing their debate. They also gain great confidence in their abilities by practising in front of such a large audience.

The teachers then choose the top six debaters for the School Debating Team consisting of three first team members and three subs.
The whole school learns the skills of debating from the sixth classes and they really enjoying listening to their arguments.

written by the boys in Room 3