School Life


As language is embedded across all curricular subjects, early intervention of children’s literacy skills is of the utmost importance.

St Pat’s therefore places great emphasis on boosting our children’s literacy levels and skills. It is a skill which is vital to ensuring a successful future and access to their choice of career for all our children.

Through the use of modelled reading, shared reading, station teaching, TSI, Literacy Hour, Buddy Reading, in class support and withdrawal, children’s reading levels improve vastly once they begin in St Pat’s.

The children in St. Pat’s are provided with reading material at their individual ability levels and supported in every area of literacy such as phonics, fluency, word attack, writing, oral language etc.

School Library

Here in St. Pat’s, we’re very lucky to have an on-site school library, regularly updated with the newest and most sought after children’s books on the market.

Run by our dedicated parents’ association, the boys and girls of St. Pat’s are provided with an individual account through which they scan their books in and out.


Our Mathematical skills are more relevant today than ever before. In a world where IT positions are continually on the rise and in a future where the majority of jobs haven’t been created yet, we must prepare our children adequately.

Primary school is the time to start. Children in St. Pat’s are shown, supported and encouraged to think creatively and critically. Children are enabled to analyse data and problems, to work with their peers to think outside the box and to devise solutions. Should these fail, they critique their work, edit and try again.

Our current school focus is on Problem Solving and Times Tables. Children are regularly provided with Word Problems which they must solve using strategies taught in class.

Children also take part in Maths stations, daily counting games, tables games, interactive whiteboard games and are provided with in class support and withdrawal.

With our large stock of Maths resources, children are also able to learn by working with physical materials for every subject.


St. Pat’s is a Catholic school which promotes the full and harmonious development of all aspects of the child. We are an open and inclusive school and we welcome children from all religions, creeds, cultures and backgrounds.

Children in St. Pat’s use the Grow in Love Programme for their religious education.

However, they also enjoy learning about the religions of their friends and of the other children in their classes.

Each year the children of St. Pat’s make their First Confessions, First Holy Communion and Confirmation in the Augustinian Church, Middle Street, Galway.

As the Augustinian is just a 2 minute walk from our school, in the weeks prior to their sacraments, the children are able to practise in the church on a daily basis.

The parish priest Fr. Tony is very involved in the preparations and enjoys practising with the children in the weeks before their big day.

Confession and Communion are both very important times in the lives of our children. It is the first time they themselves will have made a sacrament and promise to god.

Confirmation is a memorable event for the children as they receive the Holy Spirit. The choir also joins the children for the Confirmation and spend many weeks preparing their melodies and harmonies for the big day.